Inspired by the art of British tailoring, we believe beauty is synonymous with individuality.  It's in our name.  It's in our inspiration and it's in the unparalleled experience that awaits you here.       


A cut above. At Bespoke, beauty begins with you – your face shape, your skin type, your inimitable style. From handcrafted cuts to rich, vibrant color and everything in between, you’re the inspiration for all that we do.


Your vision, our visionaries. Masters of their craft, our artisans share a passion for style united by a singular purpose – personalized looks and experiences inspired by and tailored to you.


Luxury in a bottle. We curate the finest hair and beauty products from around the globe ­– including brands you won’t find anywhere else in the Twin Cities and proudly backed by the Bespoke name.


Tailor made for the modern man. Bespoke curates the finest talent, exceptional services and exclusive product - all with a nod to traditional barbering. From contemporary cuts to complimentary trims, it's all tailored to you. We invite you to explore our Mens Offerings.

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MACHETTE HAIR ACCESSORIES. The newest addition to our lifestyle store.

MACHETE is a line of eco-conscious, affordable jewelry and accessories for everyday wear. Machete is frequently featured with Vogue, Bazaar, Instyle, Atelier Doré and throughout publications worldwide.

The tortoise shell acetate we source is high quality and non-petroleum based, imported from Italy. Cellulose acetate is a natural and renewable material, providing an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based materials.

Due to the high quality and natural material of their tortoise shell, each pattern is unique and may vary.

Machette accessories are handmade in their US, France and Italy based studios. They use only carefully selected, eco-friendly materials on their pieces. All of their accessories are hypoallergenic, and have a lifetime guarantee.

Now in stock at Bespoke.