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We believe beauty is more than skin deep. It’s in the curve of an artisanal chair, the warmth of an eco-wool sheepskin throw  and the indulgent fragrance of a handcrafted candle.  

We partner with breakthrough artists, designers and tastemakers to bring you a curated selection of home and lifestyle products – each item an invitation to take a bit of Bespoke’s signature style and luxury home with you. 

leather goods, crafted by hand in Portland, OR

Celebrated for creating thoughtful products that are worth holding onto. Tanner goods believes the products we use on a daily basis say something about the people we are. They believe many things in life get better with time; it is that spirit they try to infuse in everything they create. In a world where we are overwhelmed by products made to break down, wear out or go out style, they aim to go against that grain.  Their goods are based in value-driven design and quality manufacturing.  All of us make a statement every time we buy something. We vote with their wallets. It’s our belief that value is more than just saving a few bucks - true value lies at the intersection of something made well for a fair price, created in a way that supports those who made it. Now at Bespoke -


artisan home fragrance

Products of passion. Tatine’s unique creative progress, artisan packaging and indulgent aromas blend to create high-quality candles for you to treasure. Industrious hands transform raw materials into love and light. Completely handcrafted.

premier wardrobe

Tastemakers, Etc. is a premier wardrobe concierge service that helps its clients manage all facets of the wardrobe. Co-owners Jessica Bergsten and Anthony Chow both bring their varied and extensive backgrounds in fashion to assist with all your needs. Discover more at