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We believe beauty is more than skin deep. It’s in the curve of an artisanal chair, the tailored seams of a hand-sewn throw pillow and the indulgent fragrance of a handcrafted candle.  

We partner with breakthrough artists, designers and tastemakers to bring you a curated selection of home and lifestyle products – each item an invitation to take a bit of Bespoke’s signature style and luxury home with you. 

urban lifestyle boutique

Celebrated for their eclectic collection of specialty home goods, accessories and gifts, Witt + Bliss is an urban lifestyle boutique created by Twin Cities interior design visionary Martha Dayton. We’ve partnered with Witt + Bliss to create a unique boutique experience at the very heart of our salon, offering a unique and ever-changing selection of one-of-a-kind finds.

artisan home fragrance

Products of passion. Tatine’s unique creative progress, artisan packaging and indulgent aromas blend to create high-quality candles for you to treasure. Industrious hands transform raw materials into love and light. Completely handcrafted.

premier wardrobe

Tastemakers, Etc. is a premier wardrobe concierge service that helps its clients manage all facets of the wardrobe. Co-owners Jessica Bergsten and Anthony Chow both bring their varied and extensive backgrounds in fashion to assist with all your needs. Discover more at