Our Mission

 Bespoke supports the courage and the freedom associated with honoring individual expression.

From apprenticeship to mastery, the diligent hard work we commit to developing our talent, and our craft is the soul of who we are.  

Bespoke believes that the beauty each person possesses can be elevated by virtue of what we do.

 We are committed to serving each other, our guests and our community with authenticity, integrity and passion. 



Lisa Williams,
Owner & Founder

Beauty: It’s in our DNA. Surrounded by industry revolutionaries from an early age, Bespoke founder Lisa Williams was raised in the tradition of hairstylists as noble, artistic and highly skilled in their craft. She trained at the acclaimed Horst Rechelbacher’s Education Center and led a world-class salon group before opening Bespoke in 2011.


Hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty, an expression of self love.” – Ademola Mandelia, Master Stylist